1906 Club

(FREE golf for Outlane Golf Club members)

Mr Tony Boddy of Harwich & Dovercourt Golf Club in Essex instigated the formation of the 1906 Club, the inaugural meeting being held at Horsforth Golf Club on August 12th 2005

The 1906 Club is made up of golf clubs that celebrate their Centenary in 2006. All Member Clubs agree to offer golfing privileges to fellow Club Members under specified conditions. Members of Outlane Golf Club may apply to play at any 1906 Club that is located more than 50 miles from Outlane. (by mutual agreement with certain golf clubs this condition
may be waived).

No member would be expected to visit any one club more than once per annum, unless a particular agreement is reached between the clubs.

The number of golfers on any one visit is limited to a maximum of eight.

Full Playing Members wishing to visit a 1906 Club should contact the Secretary of the club they wish to visit and check availability for the date and time they would like to play. A number of clubs are unable to accept visitors at weekends – the list of Member Clubs gives an INDICATION regarding weekend availability.
A letter of introduction must be obtained from the Outlane Golf Club Secretary for presentation to the Secretary of the golf club being visited.


Outlane Golf Club will offer courtesy to fellow 1906 Club members. Members are asked to extend as warm a welcome to these visitors as you would hope for if you visit their courses.

Members requiring further information regarding the 1906 Club please contact the Secretary.

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COVID 19 Regulations

By Closing this page you agree to follow the regulations below

Booking Golf

All tee reservations must be pre-booked on BRS or by telephone call to the Pro shop

Tee times will be 10 minutes intervals and play MUST be from 1st tee only

Playing rights will be as per your membership dictates (day of the week, permitted times etc)

Please be considerate of other members when booking tee times so that everyone gets a chance to play in the first week. No visitors or guests will be permitted until further notice

Please arrive as close to your tee time as possible


Trolley store

The trolley store door will be propped open

Please only touch your own trolley and not any other surfaces

Please operate as 1 person in 1 out


Locker Rooms

The locker room door will be propped open, please only enter the locker room to use the toilets or collect your golf clubs

Please only touch your own locker and no other surfaces

Please observe social distancing at all times, please operate as 1 person in 1 out


Playing Golf

Please observe social distancing at all times whilst playing golf

Keep play moving and do not congregate in any area on the course

Please do not touch the flags

With no rakes allowed on the course, please use your best efforts to smooth the sand using your club and your feet

Please don’t touch ball washers – Please don’t sit on the Benches

Buggies will be available for hire for single users and will be cleaned down between hires

Please give priority to greens staff whilst on the course and all usual health and safety precautions should be observed


After the Round

Social distancing is as important after a round as it is during the round, so when the round is over, please leave the course and the club/facility immediately