Member Rates

New Membership Deal

Fantastic new membership deal for 2020. Contact Rob @outlanegolf1906 or @rboothprogolf for more details or simply call in to have a friendly chat

On the odd occasions that no board member is available to accept your subscription payment Caroline or Club Professional are now authorized to take payment.

Mr Captain

Full Playing (7 Day) 775.00#
Full Playing (6 Day) 680.00
Midweek (5 Day) 590.00
Country 160.00
Young Adult 3 (36-38) 525.00
Young Adult 2 (26-35) 425.00
Young Adult 1 (22 to 25) 325.00
Junior (16 to 21) 150.00
Junior (under 16) 75.00
Social 150.00
Full Locker 25.00
Half Locker 12.50
Trolley Store 50.00
Buggy Store 100.00
NEW – Ladies 9 Hole Membership 375.00
  1. #Bar Card Top-Up:– A Full Member will be required to add £50 Bar Card Top-up, to be used within the Calendar Year.
  2. Over-65:– To qualify for over-65 discount, Members joining from 1 Jan 1995 onwards need to have completed a minimum of 20 years Membership.
  3. Juniors:– A Junior member who has a Parent as a Full Playing Member (6 or 7 Day) will receive a 20% discount.  One Parent of under 16 Juniors is asked to become at least a Social member of the Club.
  4. Couples:– Husband and Wives who are both Full Playing Members (6 or 7 Day) will each receive a 10% discount on their fees.
  5. Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) status means that the club offers concessionary full membership for those on low or modest income who are unable to pay in excess of £520 per annum, those interested should contact the Club Secretary.
  6. Paying Monthly:– Fees may be paid monthly over 10 months by Standing Order, Members need to set this up from their own bank to Outlane Golf Club Ltd – bank details on request.  A charge of £2 per month (for 10 months) will be added to cover bank charges.
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