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New Membership Deal

Flexible Membership at Outlane Golf Club
Join Outlane Golf Club for only £325 as a flexible member now!

PlayMoreGolf is the perfect membership for the infrequent golfer who still wants to be a member of
a golf club.

As a PlayMoreGolf flexible member of Outlane Golf Club, you can:

 Hold an official handicap and play in selected club competitions
 Book tee times up to 5 days in advance
 Play up to 33 rounds of golf for only £325
 Book tee times using our online PlayMoreGolf booking platform
 Full access to practice facilities at Outlane Golf Club
 Use your PlayMoreGolf membership for up to 3 guests per round
 Use your PlayMoreGolf membership to play at more than 200 other golf courses

All for just £325 per year.

By joining PlayMoreGolf you have 7 day a week course access to Outlane Golf Club.

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On the odd occasions that no board member is available to accept your subscription payment Caroline or Club Professional are now authorized to take payment.

Mr Captain

Full Playing (7 Day) 775.00#
Full Playing (6 Day) 680.00
Midweek (5 Day) 590.00
Country 160.00
Young Adult 3 (36-38) 525.00
Young Adult 2 (26-35) 425.00
Young Adult 1 (22 to 25) 325.00
Junior (16 to 21) 150.00
Junior (under 16) 75.00
Social 150.00
Full Locker 25.00
Half Locker 12.50
Trolley Store 50.00
Buggy Store 100.00
NEW – Ladies 9 Hole Membership 375.00
  1. #Bar Card Top-Up:– A Full Member will be required to add £50 Bar Card Top-up, to be used within the Calendar Year.
  2. Over-65:– To qualify for over-65 discount, Members joining from 1 Jan 1995 onwards need to have completed a minimum of 20 years Membership.
  3. Juniors:– A Junior member who has a Parent as a Full Playing Member (6 or 7 Day) will receive a 20% discount.  One Parent of under 16 Juniors is asked to become at least a Social member of the Club.
  4. Couples:– Husband and Wives who are both Full Playing Members (6 or 7 Day) will each receive a 10% discount on their fees.
  5. Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) status means that the club offers concessionary full membership for those on low or modest income who are unable to pay in excess of £520 per annum, those interested should contact the Club Secretary.
  6. Paying Monthly:– Fees may be paid monthly over 10 months by Standing Order, Members need to set this up from their own bank to Outlane Golf Club Ltd – bank details on request.  A charge of £2 per month (for 10 months) will be added to cover bank charges.
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COVID 19 Regulations

By Closing this page you agree to follow the regulations below

Booking Golf

All tee reservations must be pre-booked on BRS or by telephone call to the Pro shop

Tee times will be 10 minutes intervals and play MUST be from 1st tee only

Playing rights will be as per your membership dictates (day of the week, permitted times etc)

Please be considerate of other members when booking tee times so that everyone gets a chance to play in the first week. No visitors or guests will be permitted until further notice

Please arrive as close to your tee time as possible


Trolley store

The trolley store door will be propped open

Please only touch your own trolley and not any other surfaces

Please operate as 1 person in 1 out


Locker Rooms

The locker room door will be propped open, please only enter the locker room to use the toilets or collect your golf clubs

Please only touch your own locker and no other surfaces

Please observe social distancing at all times, please operate as 1 person in 1 out


Playing Golf

Please observe social distancing at all times whilst playing golf

Keep play moving and do not congregate in any area on the course

Please do not touch the flags

With no rakes allowed on the course, please use your best efforts to smooth the sand using your club and your feet

Please don’t touch ball washers – Please don’t sit on the Benches

Buggies will be available for hire for single users and will be cleaned down between hires

Please give priority to greens staff whilst on the course and all usual health and safety precautions should be observed


After the Round

Social distancing is as important after a round as it is during the round, so when the round is over, please leave the course and the club/facility immediately