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Welcome from Mr Junior Captain – Joe Beeby

A warm welcome to Outlane Golf Club – as the future of the club I would like to extend to you a warm and friendly welcome and wish you an exciting and enjoyable time at our club.

Success and benefits from junior golf can only come with the support of everyone here, the Junior members and their parents, all pulling together to encourage, support and assist in whatever way they can to develop the skills, achievement and enjoyment in playing golf.

Golf is a great game in its own right, but also a wonderful way of developing the life skills of determination, character, resilience, honesty and integrity. We will support you as much as we can in this through our coaching and competitive golf programme.

As a junior member you become an ambassador for our juniors and our Golf Club. We hope you will accept this role with pride, playing an active part in helping boys and girls to take up golf and become members who will enjoy playing and learning the many good things the sport has to offer to us all.



Junior Captain





At Outlane we are hoping to encourage new and existing junior members with Professional Rob Booth who will be giving FREE GOLF LESSONS to all who attend for a trial period.
On Wednesdays in April from 4.30pm to 5-15pm there will be a START, LEARN AND STAY session for any age group who will be given free lessons for a limited period.
For both these sessions equipment can be provided.
This is a great opportunity for members who have children, or grand children, to achieve a skill for life and meet fellow golfers who will be taking up the offer as the club is seeking to “recruit and retain ” more young players.
Finally the golf foundation has now passed an agreement that Junior Golfers can now play off a handicap of 48 in most competitions and in our Union there will be 10 Junior Opens where these players with a handicap of over 28 (boys) and over 36 (girls) will play just 9 holes for prizes and all entry fees will be paid for by a raised competition which the club runs in November.
For further information please contact Rob on the form below


Trophy Success

Congratulations to Alistair Church who won junior golfer of the year. Well done Alistair seen receiving his trophy from Mr Captain and head Pro Rob Booth

Trophy Success

Congratulations to Joe Beeby on winning the Harrison Cup beating dad Steve. Well done Joe. Joe is receiving his trophy from Mr Captain and Head Pro Rob Booth

The Juniors found themselves in a learning curve this season as the last 2 years have seen them losing players after they became too old and this is what happens with clubs who have had plenty success and then it is a starting procedure with incoming players to fill the gaps . 

We expect our  number 1 Junior golfer Joe Beeby will be the person to lead the team to achieve success next year  as he has come down from a 22 handicap to his present 14 handicap which he used to  finish 7th in the Halifax / Huddersfield Junior Strokeplay Championship at Ryburn .Another player who has come into the team and taken up the Junior Captains role is Alistair Church and he just sneaked in front of Joe in the same Championships when he finished 6th  .  Josh Robinson is another player who has come into the team but he was unfortunately unavailable for several matches and hopefully he can develop this next season . The number 4 slot has been Jessica Matthews who only started playing golf  this season but now after getting a full season behind her she will develop into a useful golfer and there is also Issi Cameron who also only started  this year and so hopefully can develop like Jessica . We also have 2 very young members who had never played golf before they joined and they are Dylan Chaplin who has already played in 2 Junior Opens with Adam Whittle who has played in 1 Junior Open . 


The Development of the Juniors is most important and the club raises  money for them to play in the Junior Opens and Stroke Play Championships and to raise money for their competitions  a really interesting Sport Quiz is run by Bob Hazelden who supplies questions for  the Television Programme A QUESTION OF SPORT .

Wednesday 28th November saw the annual Bob’s Sport Quiz Night. A great turnout of over 80 people to yet another wonderful event. Many thanks to Brenda & Bob for their hardwork raising funds for the junior section. Thanks also must go to Mr Captain for his kind donation of prizes for the night and finally  thanks to Caroline and her staff who worked tirelessly in the kitchen and behind the bar.

Same time next year for those who missed the event !!!

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