Fantastic Junior Performances Brings Title

Congratulations to the Junior section who this week won their league title. Season report coming soon

New Course Rules

As we move into the main playing season this is just a reminder that there have been changes to the rules of golf and also to the set up of the golf course.

New local rules will be posted in the locker rooms and in the Pro shop.

On the course the OOB down the 1st has been extended to include the area used for cutting turf, the reedbeds and the soil storage heap. This area of OOB is also in play when playing the 3rd. Please do not retrieve golf balls from the reedbed as golf shoes will perforate the delicate butyl liner.

On the 4th the OOB on the ravine has been extended right to the wall behind the 5th tee.

The ditch across the 6th/15th is a yellow penalty area. Note that you should keep the point where it crossed the edge between you and the pin when taking your drop. Given the terrain this will probably be higher up the slope than the position the ball finished in. Also remember you can go back as far as you like and this may be helpful in order to find a flatter spot to drop in.

The area on the corner of the field when playing 6/15 which was previously a free drop marked by green posts is now a red penalty area. This means you don’t need to find your ball if it is certain it finished in the penalty area. If you are fortunate to find your ball in a playable position then you can play it without penalty.

There is no free relief from footpaths unless they are artificially surfaced. The only exception is the path at the back of the 10th tee and the across the 12th (but not 9/11) which are being marked in blue.

Please don’t forget to replace divots and repair pitch marks.



Gillian Goodlass (President) & Roger Patrice (Director of Course)

This weeks TriCast Result & Bonus Ball result


This is a reminder that you can make pre-paid entries into the draw by submitting sets of 3 numbers between 1 and 15 to the office.

Each set of numbers costs £26 for a year and you have the chance of winning:-

– the jackpot if you predict the 3 numbers in the correct sequence
(this has ranged between £200 and £2000 in the last year)

– the bonus pool if you predict the 3 numbers but in the wrong sequence
(this has been up to £160 in the last year)

Alternatively, you can make an entry any week by filling in the sheet behind the bar.

Best of luck!

Trevor Pickles


Date Number Winner
2/11/2019 40 D.Phare
26/10/2019 32 K.Slater
19/10/2019 13 D.Bower
12/10/2019 Rollover
5/10/2019 rollover
28/9/2019 26 Bob Senior
21/9/2019 Rollover
16/9/2019 28 J.Chandler
7/9/2019 8 G.Pogson
31/8/2019 15 D.Beaumont
24/8/2019 38 B.Moroney
17/8/2019 45 D.Bower
10/8/2019 49 B.Sharpe
3/8/2019 31 J.Bates
27/7/2019 3 T.Crossley
20/7/2019 32 K.Slater
13/7/2019 12 T.Obrian
9/7/2019 9 R.Lee
29/06/2019 27 J.Pettinger
22/06/2019 11 Caroline
15/06/2019 29 Ed Harbisher
8/6/2019 43 Leo Scott
1/6/2019 42 B.Cassidy
25/5/2019 24 D.Makin
18/5/2019 3 T.Crossley
11/5/2019 24 D.Makin
4/5/2019 41 R.Sharpe
27/4/2019 10 D.Crowe
20/4/2019 4 Dave Knapton
13/4/2019 30 Phil Tatlock
6/4/2019 21 John Drake
30/3/2019 24 Dave Makin
24/3/2019 27 John Pettinger
16/3/2019 38 Brian Moroney
9/3/2019 2 Damien Talbot
2/3/2019 54 rollover
23/2/2019 57 Rollover
16/2/2019 12 Lisa Bower
9/2/2019 12 Lisa Bower
2/2/2019 20 P.Wadsworth
26/1/2019 45 T.O’Brian
19/1/2019 45 T.O’Brian
12/1/2019 26 R.Senior
5/1/2019 6 C.Sharp
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