18 Hole Golf Course

In 2018 the course had a partial makeover adding additional out of bounds as well as new bunkers and filling in old ones as well as reshaping fairways. this is now nearing completion and already makes the course a more testing one.

With the addition of the new pro and teaching bay Outlane golf club now stands as one of the club’s to join in the area. Guaranteed a warm welcome how can you refuse?

Hole 1 – “Motorway”

Mid to long iron down the right hand side of the fairway will lead to a great birdie chance. Be careful of the right hand bunker however. Long hitters may take on the green but the huge front left bunker will attract all but the straightest of drives. Left is out of bounds on the practice ground.


Hole 2 – “Mount”

Testing long dog-leg left to well guarded green. Stay away from the trees on the left and the fairway bunker on the right. Subtle undulations on the green make it hard to read. Beware of out of bounds to the back of the green.


Hole 3 – “Old Lindley”

Deceptively long hole, gently uphill and usually into a wind. Avoid the bunkers off the tee. Usually plays at least 1 club more. Can easily be a card wrecker with Out Of Bounds on the right.


Hole 4 – “IV Bridge”

1 of the 3 signature holes at Outlane
Daunting tee shot over the ravine, especially into the wind. Trouble short, trouble right including Out of Bounds but a solid mid iron in to the middle of the fairway will give a great birdie chance leaving only a short iron to the green. Beware the OB behind the green.


Hole 5 – “Holly Bush”

Out of bounds down the right to green, well guarded by bunkers on the left. Two tier green. Pin usually hidden by the Holly Bush. Good to come off with par but hit the green and its a birdie chance. Right and its a card destroyer.


Hole 6 – “Nettleton Hill”

Simple looking hole. Everything falls to the left. Big hitters may be tempted to go for it, but beware the greenside bunkers if you do. Watch for golfers teeing off on the 15th above right.


Hole 7 – “Snow Lee”

90 degree dog leg right, sharing fairway with the 13th. Use the watchtower to check for other players and then walk down the right to speed up play. Inviting tee shot leaving blind 2nd shot. If following others wait for bell sounding before playing up. McKenzie green is protected with trouble to the right and long. Good birdie chance. Beware however OB for a hooked tee shot. In summer when the fairways run fast think about the club from the tee.


Hole 8 – “Petty Royd”

2nd signature hole. The best remembered hole and the longest par 3 in Yorkshire. Nothing for right or long, danger to the left. If your opponent offers you a half in four, take it! Lovely views across Huddersfield to Emley Moor Mast and Castle Hill. Target line is the mound front left to allow the ball to feed down to the green.


Hole 9 – “Lamb Hall”

Semi-blind tee shot over marker post leaves mid to short iron to very large three tier green. 10th tee is to the left where the OB is now in play. Great birdie chance with a solid tee shot and a short iron into the green.

*Do NOT tee off if players are on the fairway shared with the 11th – they have the right of way.

Hole 10 – “Bunny Wood”

Shot from elevated tee towards marker post leaves semi-blind approach shot to small green with bunker front right.

Usually lightening fast green from top to bottom. Don’t be long or left as trouble awaits.


Hole 11 – “Dodlee”

Simple looking hole. Inviting tee shot, but tricky to get close in two and the hardest green to read on the course. Look out for players on 9th tee, especially if playing 2nd shot from behind the right hand side “humps”. Hardest green on the course especially if red flag.


Hole 12 – “Woodland Way”

Intimidating tee shot from the medal tee. Aim at the marker post and two good shots leave a short iron into an innocent looking green, but beware the wind and the out of bounds. Another potential card wrecker.


Hole 13 – “Shaw Farm”

A very tough uphill hole usually played into the wind. Difficult tee shot of the whites Shared fairway with the 7th but is currently being narrowed. Walk up right hand side to speed up play. OB all down the right hand side. Green side humps make it a tough up and down if missing the green to the right.



Hole 14 – “Bilberry Hollow”

After your refreshments

Dangerous uphill tee shot to a small green, guarded by gorse long and left and 3 pot bunkers short. Oh and OB to the right will shortly be introduced. Lightening fast green in summer. Good chance of birdie but has claimed many 6s and more.


Hole 15 – “Grandstand”

Wonderful view from the highest part of the course. Inviting birdie opportunity. Get it wrong and you need a bucket and spade or a ball scoop from the drainage ditch. 2 huge bunkers left and 1 right along with trees right. Safe shot 5 iron and wedge. Brave players long iron and putter. The choice is yours . Going for green? please wait for 16th tee to clear.


Hole 16 – “Round Ings”

Deceptively simple looking hole. Beware bunkers to the right and water channel in front. Its only a wedge but pinpoint accuracy is needed.


Hole 17 – “Longwood Brook”

3rd signature hole and a a trip back across the ravine. Driver hit to the left of the fairway is going to leave a mid iron into the 2 tier green. Right off the tee is reload time. Fairway slopes to the right. Please ring the bell to tell people on the tee it is safe to tee off. Take a 4 on here any-day.

Hole 18 – “Roman Way”

Just short of 500 yards off the whites. Wonderful if not long finishing hole. Straight and as long as you want from the yellow tees leaves mid ironĀ to a protected green with OB behind the green. All uphill so add a club. Out of bounds to the left recently added. OB over the green. Solid finishing hole

Hole 19

Well played join the members for a pint. You deserve it.

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