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Hi i’m Robert Booth,  fully qualified member of the PGA for over 10 years and since the start of 2018 I have been the Head  Professional at Outlane Golf Club. Prior to that I played full time golf on the Europro Tour from 2010-2015. Hoping to gain a challenge tour from that.


I have played in a number of high ranking events from the PGA club pros championship in Scotland, to European final stage and won some big events over the last couple of years including winning the Yorkshire PGA classic for the last two years running and also competing in the European tour qualifying stage.

I started playing golf at the age of 15, so I was a relatively late starter compared to the players on tour these days. I was more into football growing up but my father was a big influence and said that there is a great life ahead being a Professional golfer. Both from the playing side and a teaching role. It is like having two parts to fall back on if one doesn’t quite reach the potential that I set out to achieve. I just loved the game from the start and wanted to see where hard work and practise, with the correct coach, would take me in golf. My practice time is around 2 hours per week, depending on how busy I am. Normally do 1 per event so if there are three events per week then I do three hours practice. Tiger Woods was a massive factor and inspiration for me because of his pride and he always tries his best and never gives up. Given the life of a Tour Pro now, who wouldn’t want to be a top player as a kid with a dream?


Life at Outlane Golf Club

After joining Outlane in February 2018. I have now completed the indoor training bay where I organise lessons with launch technology allowing players to get the best from their games without changing too much. I fully refitted the shop with lines from Footjoy, Ping, and Glenbrae. I can however source any brand.  I have many lesson packages available from new starters to seasoned players. 

Please enjoy your round at Outlane and feel free to call in the 19th to discuss the course with the members and myself.

Over 40 professional wins
The Yorkshire PGA events
North Region PGA events Regional PGA events
3 X Yorkshire Classic Winner.
PGA North Region Championship Winner 2016.
Winner of 2 Sky Sports events on TV 2018.

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